Covid Policy

Covid 19 Policy 

Icarus Photography will always do our best to accommodate you and your family during these uncertain times. Of course, your concerns will be for health and safety and when your wedding can safely go ahead.

We will follow all government guidelines at the date of your wedding. We appreciate the situation may change and will adapt accordingly. Our aim is to honour your new wedding date if for any reason the ceremony is postponed. This may be due to a local lockdown, or self-isolation.

The government guidelines state that a wedding ceremony and sit-down reception can take place from 15th August 2020 with a maximum of 30 people. This includes officials and the photographer(s). The venue must meet all the safety guidelines of social distancing, sanitising etc. Ceremonies should be as short as possible with no group singing or playing of musical instruments. The venue should keep a record of visitors for 21 days in case they need to be traced.

With current guidelines in place, if your wedding date is outside any period of lockdown, we will photograph your wedding. In the interest of all parties we will ensure the venue meets all safety and social distancing guidelines. We will take precautions such as wearing masks and regularly sanitising.

We would endeavour to work with you if you are forced to move your wedding to a new date. This may be due to a local lockdown, self-isolation or a close relative becoming infected. Our aim is to photograph your wedding. Rest assured we will aim to cover the new date at no extra cost.

We are happy to provide a full refund if a postponed wedding causes a double booking or we ourselves are forced to self-isolate.

We understand some of our clients would rather postpone their wedding until a time when the restrictions maybe eased. We also appreciate there is the risk of a wedding being cancelled. As we have already stated, we will be as flexible as possible. The last thing we wish to do is leave our clients feeling aggrieved or disappointed.

We will do our best to find the best solution with our clients as we work through these unprecedented times.

Current UK Government Advice on Weddings can be found here.
Please note that advice is subject to change and Icarus accept no responsibility as to it's implementation.

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